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Welcome to Kornchom


Hi ! Welcome to KORNCHOM !

(pronounced as KORN-CHOM)

This place is inspired by my childhood's dream.

One day during my winding down hours, somehow a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow has brought me a touch of childhood's memories. This leads to a quick sketch of my ideas for menus & venue.

believe we all have our favourite munchies or bakes from our childhood;

and may find it difficult to find a good one. 

I have planned to serve the baked munchies by year where they all began.

Please correct me if I am mistaken in some dishes

since I was born in 1987 so. . . . I might be wrong in some menus. 

ANYWAY! Me, as a baker and dreamer, would like to bring back

our childhood's memories back to life through my cooking & baking.


Everything at KORNCHOM is made with love & care.

I only surrender to finest quality ingredients in which may cause my products a bite higher in price yet come with higher quality.

I do hope everyone can enjoy every bite & sip at KORNCHOM,

If you have any recommendations or see rooms for improvement, please please please kindly let me know! Every thought is appreciated !

Lots of love,


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